A ‘bulk’ solution to the container problem from a Turkish marble exporter

A ‘bulk’ solution to the container problem from a Turkish marble exporter

Marble exporters, looking for a solution to the problem of finding empty containers after the epidemic around the world, started to send their cargo in wooden crates instead of containers.

The change in the supply-demand balance in global trade due to the epidemic caused container prices to rise. Turkish exporters, who experienced difficulties as a result of the collection of containers at the ports in China, turned to various solutions in order to respond to their orders in a timely manner and to find solutions to cost increases.

DN Marble firm in Denizli, which exports to the USA, one of the most important markets in the natural stone sector, also found a solution to the problem it experienced in transportation with wooden case design.

11 tons of processed marble, which would normally go in 400 containers, was shipped to the USA in bulk by cargo ship, in a wooden case with a pallet-like design.

“A groundbreaking application in the industry”

Murat Yener, Chairman of the Board of DN Marble, argued to the AA correspondent that it was the first time that exports were made to the US market in a wooden case.

Stating that Turkish marble has a say in the world and that world-famous architects prefer these products in mega projects, Yener said:

“We export our marble to more than 80 countries with our 3 factories, 2 marble quarries and approximately 600 employees in Denizli. 90 percent of our production goes to the foreign market. With the showroom, warehouse and sales network we have established in the USA and other countries, especially in Miami, Turkish marble is one of the world’s leading exporters of Turkish marble. We prove that it is the best brand of the world. At this point, the container crisis and freight prices made it difficult for us to compete with our competitors abroad. However, as an investor who loves his country and knows the value of exports, we continue to produce without hindrance and create employment. We made cargo with the ship.”

Denizli Miners and Marbles Association President Serdar Sungur stated that they had previously been exported as blocks to the Egyptian market in bulk, but that export of processed products in wooden cases is a first and they expect it to become widespread.

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