How is Block Made?

How is Block Made?

How is Block Made?

Block is formed by pouring the cement and raw material (aggregate) into molds after homogenized mixture with the help of mixer by means of briquette machines or moulds. These moulds have created more durable blocks with the press method today.

Block in a statement; It is a building material that is formed by a mixture of natural or artificial aggregates and used in the construction of walls, blocks, lower and upper coverings and roofs.

Block, which was banned in 1958 due to the use of cement, has taken its place in the construction materials that are frequently used until today, after this mistake was reversed.

Main Features;

* Resistant to 600-700 kg of pressure per cm2.

* Long lasting. Produced from washed natural aggregate.

* It has high resistance against oil, acid and organic components.

* It provides sound insulation thanks to its homogeneous spaces.

* Since it adjusts the ambient humidity naturally, it does not cause humidity and saltpeter.

* Trustworthy

* It has road holding feature. It has high slip resistance and friction coefficient.

* It is fire resistant. Thanks to its lightness, it reduces the weight of the buildings.

* It is not affected by hot and cold.

* Aesthetic

* Ideal for landscape work.

* Since it is in pastel colors, it gives a fluent and relaxing image to the environment.

* Economic

* It provides great savings in building wall cost. It reduces plaster and labor costs.

* With its porous structure, it is a very good plaster holder, prevents shrinkage cracks and provides savings.

Where are the blocks used?

1. On all kinds of walls to be plastered,

2. On non-bearing wall

3. They are used in flooring

4. On the garden walls

5. In warehouses

6. In agriculture and livestock structures

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